Sunday, March 29, 2009

Post Immersion Update 0001

CINGO! has exited the Pre-Alpha stage, passed Alpha testing, and is now called 'Imp' Beta 0.1 (Each future release will be named after a mythical creature).

Below are some screenshots of the final product for your enjoyment:

The Game Screen (Note that pieces about to be captured are clearly denoted with a red X for the turn duration):

The Change Appearance Screen now has support for the legacy 'Alpha' look from my old version:

New Instructions View (Note the helpful images at the bottom of the screen are much clearer than in the old version):

When I present my project on the 7th of April, I will try to post some images from the event. Today, I used Photoshop Elements to create a 2ft wide iPhone that I then pasted onto two stacked poster boards. I am certain that this will draw enough attention that people will actually come to see what I did; technology-based immersion projects are generally not viewed by many people because the projects have a lack of visual appeal in comparison to those involving pictures of journeys and artistic creations.

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