Friday, March 6, 2009

iPhone Journal 0xE

Today, I was not able to make as much progress as I had hoped. While I intended to work on data persistence, I spent most of my time experimenting with code in order to change the current view without having to rewrite everything I have already produced. I was eventually able to achieve this with some interesting tricks, but did not have time to actually implement the data displayed on these views, nor did I have time to fully connect everything. By now, however, I know enough to finish this process with relative ease.
I also met with Mr. Collias today, and he provided me with some very useful feedback on usability, features, and overall look. He suggested making more of a distinction between the appearance of the pieces, producing less of a blending between the pieces and the board in terms of color, and adding undo and replay options. Furthermore, he provided a solution for making the "switch turn" button less frustrating/ambiguous and indicated that the square borders are too large.
I now hope to use me newfound knowledge of switching views to finish the interface and to use some of Mr. Collias' suggestions to make the game more playable. I then plan to finally work on data persistence.

(Sorry, no screenshots today; they would just consist of different views with short labels like "Instruction View")